Nutrition Services Tech Full Time- Saint Luke's South

Saint Luke's Health System
Job Description

Under the general direction of the Nutrition Management Team: The Nutrition Services Technician may fulfill any number of responsibilities in the cafeteria, patient dining, production and sanitation areas. The Tech may be responsible for the set up of cafeteria food items, service of food items to customers, and restocking of cafeteria service items to assure continued availability to customers. May operate a cash register, prepare deposit records, and pull data reports from the register. Will help clean equipment, surfaces and floor in the cafeteria, and tables, chairs and floor in the dining room. Will help in the assembly of food items for patient trays, delivery of patient food carts and return of soiled food carts to the dish room. Will also have responsibility for the operating, loading and unloading the dish machine. Will perform area sanitation duties including the cleaning of service and storage areas, sweeping and mopping of floors, as well as running card board and emptying trash containers. Will help with heavy cleaning duties of all equipment, surfaces in the department and operation of floor cleaning equipment.



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