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508 Westport Rd, Ste 202
Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 753-4000
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    Steel City Media is a Pittsburgh based multimedia company that runs four of Kansas City’s rop rated radio stations: KBEQ (104.3), KMXV (93.3), KFKF (94.1) and KCKC (102.1). KBEQ is coined as “Urban Chic Meets Cowboy Cool” in the marketplace and the station is #1 for breaking NEW country music in Kansas City! KMXV is Kansas City’s largest radio station, reaching over 30% of the population in Kansas City. KFKF is coined as “Best Country Variety” playing “both” kinds of country, old and new hits. KCKC is your at work music station playing upbeat music to get you through the workday.


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